Social Software in the Workplace

There is quite a lot of talk about Social Software in the Workplace right now and Drupal is extremely well placed to lead in this sector.

What is Social in the Workplace

Employees outside of work are using tools such as Twitter, Facebook and other social networking tools to connect, keep up to date with each others activities and find people with similar interests.

All of these key activities are relevant in the work place and because people are used to this type of culture, it is much easier than in the past to implement systems that promote employee engagement - with each other and the company as a whole.

Key benefits of Social Software in the Workplace are:

  • Form teams, communities and informal groups
  • Discuss, collaborate and manage general work topics / projects
  • Help all employees understand the wider business
  • Discover other people with similar interests
  • Find out more about co-workers

Social Software in the Workplace is absolutely not just about people chatting and socialising - it's about creating a sense of involvement and connection around business activities.

Communicating company messages in this format is much more interesting and engaging. Communication can be multi-directional - from staff to the board and even partner organisations to specific departments.

How does this compare to a regular Intranet

Typically, a Social Software in the Workplace platform and Intranet set out to achieve different targets.

Intranets, in the traditional sense, are about sharing documents, policy and are very much about central publishing whereas Social is much more about communication and engagement.

The two platforms can co-exist, indeed we have integrated Sharepoint with Drupal in the workplace on a project recently. The aim was to connect the employees of a large multi-national organisation across continents and disciplines. Clear, informal, yet important messages need communicating from the CEO and satellite offices to the company as a whole and specific locales. This is easily achieved using the Drupal platform.

What makes Drupal suitable for Social Software in the Workplace

Drupal has always set out to be the leader in social publishing and community development. It powers over 500,000 community websites across the world including some very visible organisations such as the White House,, Intel and the BBC. In most cases Drupal is used where community engagement is a key requirement - this is where Drupal excels.

Can we back any of this up?

In the Gartner-produced report, "Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace" Drupal was placed in the "Visionaires" quadrant "because of its use of the open source model to drive adoption and popularity, while providing enterprise services via organisations such as Acquia". Adaptive are an Acquia partner and we possess the business know-how, experience and technical expertise to deliver small or large platforms of this kind.

The full Gartner report is available here.

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