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Open Source for the Public Sector

We believe that Open Source technology is of great benefit to public sector organisations - offering exceptional levels of functionality, cost effectiveness and, with assistance from companies like ours, exceptional levels of support.

Open Source projects are generally created by a number of developers for specific tasks meaning that there are often thousands of "staff" working on creating a solution.

The benefits of using Open Source technology include :


Because many Open Source projects are used in a wide range of environments by a large user base, they are often more reliable than commercial offerings.


Again, because of the typically large user base of Open Source software, the software is tested and used extensively.


Open Source, by it's very nature, means that all code used is freely available for scrutiny.


All Open Source software is available for no charge meaning that budgets can be spent on tangible benefits such as the user experience and functionality as opposed to software licenses.


The core of all Open Source projects is freely available which means that it can be modified to suit the exact needs of the client - many commercial offerings do not include the source code to protect their intellectual property.


There is a large and knowledgeable community behind each major Open Source project and tapping into this knowledgebase is very much a key part of Open Source software. There is also the fact that there are multiple vendors offering support for Open Source projects whereas there is typically only one with commercial products.

Open Source & Drupal

We are keen fans of Drupal and have developed a number of public sector websites using this excellent framework. Read more about Drupal in the public sector.

Contact us to discus your Open Source requirements in more detail.

The Government believe that departmental websites should be hubs for debate as well as information-where people come together to discuss issues and address challenges-and that this should be achieved efficiently and, whenever possible using open source software. Any future development of websites run by the Cabinet Office will be assessed and reviewed against these criteria.
Francis Maude (Minister for the Cabinet Office) - June 2010

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"What is exciting is that uses both Drupal and various semantic web technologies to encourage people to create data mashups and to visualize the data in clear, imaginative ways that provide more insight in the underlying information. It is great to see that Open Source, Open Data and government meet, and it is great validation for Drupal's adoption of the semantic web."

Dries Buytaert