Public Sector

Drupal for the public sector

We have created a number of Drupal websites for the public sector including Aimhigher Nottingham and Campaign Central.

Drupal is also used for other well known public sector websites in the UK such as and In the US, the White House uses Drupal - good company, I'm sure you will agree.

The benefits of using Drupal for public sector websites are numerous:

  • No licensing costs
  • No lock in - a large number of UK agencies can support Drupal
  • Amazing amount of "out of the box" functionality
  • Enterprise levels of reliability and security
  • Strong community development tools
  • Passionately supported and developed world-wide

We believe Drupal fits the public sector very well. Our understanding of the needs of public sector organisations in terms of robustness, scalability and value means that we can offer extremely competitive packages where budgets are used on tangible benefits such as functionality and features rather than licensing costs.

Integration with existing websites and systems is also significantly easier and inexpensive compared to proprietary offerings as Drupal is Open Source and therefore there are a huge number of freely available software and resources.

Read more about our track record of public sector delivery.

As someone who is notoriously hard to please, I can honestly say that this is one of the very few companies which offers superb levels of customer service, a proactive, solution focused approach and fantastic value for money.
Samantha Gibson - Aimhigher Nottinghamshire