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New Drupal development ‘rockets’ into life for Novabods!

A new Drupal development project to recently go live for our client, EducationCity, is a marketing portal for their brand new product, Novabods.

Novabods is an online educational game aimed at 5-7 year olds which encourages children to play and learn at home.

To promote the new product, the EducationCity team wanted a new site which was clear, simple and to the point while looking attractive to both children and their parents. Working from the team's designs, we have developed a fully responsive Drupal site packed full of colour and featuring simple navigation, strong messaging, subtle animations and clear call-to-action buttons.

There are both UK and US versions of the site for the two markets, both delivered from the same Drupal installation utilising the Domain Access module, with code in place to automatically direct users to the relevant site for their location based on their IP address.

In the background, the site has been built on a customised version of the Drupal Panopoly framework, with additional bespoke editor tools and features added to provide the EducationCity team with full flexibility and creatively when building additional pages for the site.

A variety of different page and panel layouts and styles can be applied throughout the site - all via the content management system - giving the marketing team lots of different options at their fingertips without needing any technical knowledge to achieve the different page layouts.

The Novabods portal has also been integrated with the Zuora subscription service via their API to enable the portal to pull the latest subscription options, prices and special offers directly from the system without needing to update the website separately.

Take a look at the new website at

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