Drupal development services from Adaptive

If you have a Drupal website which is struggling in terms of performance, reliability or security issues, Adaptive's extensive knowledge and experience can help to identify and eliminate the causes of this.

Drupal is a powerful, highly-configurable content management framework, capable of powering extremely busy and complex websites. With thousands of options and plugins to choose from when building a Drupal website though, it's vital that any website is built in the most effective and efficient way possible. Drupal can be a complex beast and performance issues often arise if a site is not built or maintained correctly or is hosted in an unsuitable environment.

Here at Adaptive, we've worked with many clients who have approached us because their existing website is suffering from performance issues which are dramatically impacting on the usability of the website for both visitors and admin users alike. Through our experience as Drupal specialists, we're able to analyse the site and its hosting environment, identify the issues causing the performance problems and provide either recommendations or direct solutions for remedying the issues.

Performance and security work can be carried out on your site either as an ad-hoc service or part of an ongoing website support package. We also provide Drupal site audits, both as part of our support onboarding processes or as a standalone service for organisations simply wanting an independent view of the current status of their website.


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Performance Tuning

For Drupal websites which are performing poorly or slow to load.

Through detailed hands-on testing and investigation by our Drupal specialists, we work to identify the issues behind the overall problem through a series of tests and checks, including:

performance profiling via standard server logs and tools such as NewRelic

identifying any sub-optimal coding with custom modules/themes

reviewing database tables for any issues within there

ensuring Drupal standards and best-practice have been followed when configuring the site

examining the implementation of any caching or other performance tools

reviewing the hosting environment to check it is fit for purpose/has no obvious issues

running PageSpeed tests to identify any issues highlighted by Google's Insight tools

The output from the above can then either be a recommendation document to be implemented by your current developers/agency or Adaptive can implement any required changes directly.

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Drupal Security Audits

The Drupal platform as a whole has a fantastic security record and is trusted by some of the largest organisations in the world, including The White House and GCHQ.

However Drupal's security is only as good as the implementation and maintenance of each individual installation.

To ensure your website doesn't fall victim to security breaches, Adaptive will carry out a security health check of your Drupal installation and provide you with a full technical audit document outlining the current status of your site and any recommendations for technical or security improvements. Areas reviewed include:

Drupal core and module versions, highlighting any essential security updates required

Codebase integrity to check if any core or contributed modules have been amended (potentially causing problems when updating these)

File/directory permissions throughout the Drupal installation

User settings, roles and permissions review

Sufficient anti-spam measures in place on any exposed forms

As with our performance reviews, our findings can either be presented as a recommendations document or we can action any required changes for you directly.

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