A busy 2017 beckons…
Steve Allen

Happy New Year from all of us here at Adaptive!

After a busy year during 2016, we're refreshed from the Christmas break and looking forward to another productive year ahead.

With a number of exciting new development projects in the pipeline for clients, together with Drupal 8 continuing to mature as a product, there's certainly lots to look forward to as we head into 2017. We're also working on a new internal project to further improve upon our existing working processes moving forward. More on this below.

Our development calendar for the first few months of the year includes the launch of new websites for our client, Vent-Axia, both in UK and German markets, following on from the launch of their new Dutch site last year. We're also in the final stages of several other new website builds for various clients, which we're very much looking forward to showing off in the coming months. 

In addition to our new site build projects, we've also just started working with three new clients to take over ongoing support and development of their assorted Drupal websites within the next few weeks. Together with a number of further conversations ongoing with other businesses about our Drupal support services, it's a very positive start to the year for our fantastic Support team.

We also have an exciting key project internally to development a new project management system for the Adaptive business - and possibly others. Nicknamed JIM (Job Information & Management), our aim is to build a Drupal-based system that delivers everything from the management of initial leads and enquiries through to requirements gathering, estimating/quoting and then delivery project management and reporting.

The project has been borne out of a desire to have a single system to manage our full business workflow, rather than using multiple different third-party systems for different purposes. Having built a number of complex data management systems for clients, we've decided to turn our hand to building our own work management system so we can tailor it just how we need it. Also, while we're building this initially for our own use, we certainly have in mind that core elements of it can potentially be re-purposed for some of our clients with similar requirements going forward. Keep an eye on our blog in the coming months for more details on this project.

Finally, as we move into the new year, we're very mindful of the fact that 2016 was such a busy year for us that we've not had the time we would have liked to get out and about and catch up with many of our existing clients. We aim to rectify this in the first half of this year by getting out and about to see as many of our existing clients as possible, so look out for requests coming in from Dan and Steve in the near future - you have been warned!

Some exciting times ahead for Adaptive in the coming months and we're very much looking forward to getting stuck into things. Once again, a very Happy New Year to everyone and our very best wishes for a successful 2017.