Case Study: Big 'Leap' forward for Cruelty Free product search
Steve Allen

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new product search tool that Adaptive have redeveloped for Cruelty Free International - the leading organisation working to end animal experiments worldwide.

The organisation's popular Leaping Bunny product search enables users to find a wide range of retailers and products which are certified cruelty free  - i.e. not tested on animals. The search tool has been available for a number of years as part of their Drupal website but was in need of redevelopment to make it easier to search through the organisation's ever-growing list of cruelty free product suppliers.

We started by rebuilding the core search tool using Drupal's Views and Search API functionality, also introducing "fuzzy search" logic to find close matching results as well as exact matches.

Next we redesigned the whole UI for the search tool, removing previous clutter and making it more suitable for use on both desktop and mobile/tablet devices. Our aim was to give the tool a more app-like feel so gone are the previous small checkboxes and fiddly drop-down options and, instead, in come large, simple search boxes and buttons. 

On the search results page, users can now narrow down their search further with a range of faceted search filters to drill down into the search results by retailer type, location and other ethical credentials.

As well as the front-end revamp, we've also made numerous additions to the admin side of the tool to make it much easier for the Leaping Bunny team to manage going forward. Previously complex category fields have been simplified and bulk administrator tools have been created to amend listings en mass. 

Functionality has also been added to export all the search data to spreadsheet, modify it offline and then reimport the updates/additions back into the site. This has already enabled the team at Cruelty Free International to expand the number of companies listed in the search by more than 30%.

Try the new Leaping Bunny product search for yourself and shop cruelty free at