Case Study: Drupal 8 event registration platform developed for Independent Age
Debbie Heard

We've recently been busy developing a new bespoke event registration platform in Drupal 8 for our client, Independent Age.

Independent Age are a UK charity delivering practical support, advice and campaigns to help older people to continue to live independent lives in their later years. The organisation runs numerous different types of events throughout the year, from free weekly participation activities through to large fundraising events and challenges. They needed a simple way of being able to create and manage each event on their website, 

The new custom functionality enables the IA team to be able to create fundraising events via the Drupal CMS, each with their own branding, page content, booking options and pricing. 

As well as the main Event landing page, multiple sub-pages can also be created for the event and easily linked into an Event-specific menu, creating a micro-site feel for each event. All pages are created using Drupal Paragraphs, allowing for flexible and varied layouts throughout the site to suit every need. 

Events homepage for Independent Age
An example of an event homepage created with the new event management and registration tools in Drupal 8


The IA team are able to set different booking options per event, from simple free registration through to paid-for entry to fundraising/sponsorship events. For paid events, users are then taken through the online payment steps via payment gateways, PayPal and Worldpay. Many of the fields on the registration forms are configurable too so fields can be added/removed as needed and text around each field can also be customised per event.

The high level of customisation available per event in the CMS enables the team to be able to create multiple different types of events going forward without relying on any additional development work from the Adaptive team.

Events registration form for Independent Age
An example of an event sign up form configured via the new CMS tools


​​​​​​​If you'd like to find out more, discuss a similar solution for your Drupal website, or for other Drupal development enquiries, please get in touch.