Adaptive Drupal preview of 2021
Dan Frost

In our first blog post of the new year, we’re reflecting on the past 12 months and looking ahead to our plans and priorities for Adaptive in 2021.

Firstly, let us wish you a very Happy New Year from all at Adaptive. After the unpredictable year we’ve all just had, here’s hoping for much better and brighter times being just around the corner.

2020 created unprecedented challenges for everyone and, for our small part, we’re so proud of the way that all of our team here at Adaptive rose to those challenges, both personally and professionally. Like so many other businesses and organisations, we had to switch our entire operation to working from home at the drop of a hat. Having already had the technical provision in place for remote working for some time, for us the biggest shift came culturally in terms of not being around the team in the office on a day-to-day basis.

Our established process-oriented approach to delivery has been fully put to the test since March, as has our team communication and spirit. We’re delighted though to have been able to continue to successfully provide our same superb levels of service and support throughout the year and have been able to remain focussed on supporting each of our clients through these extraordinary times.

While there’s clearly some way still to go before things return to any real sense of ‘normality’, we’re happy/pleased/relieved (and a host of other adjectives!) to have made it to 2021 in strong shape and we’re looking forward to another busy year ahead.

The push to Drupal 9

2021 is the year that Drupal 9 takes centre stage. Released in June last year, Drupal 9 continues to build on its predecessors in terms of functionality, performance and security. With Drupal 8 due to reach end-of-life in November and Drupal 7’s End-of-Life following in November next year, 2021 is definitely the time to be looking at making the move to the latest version of the platform.

We’re already working with several clients on Drupal 9 projects, with upgrades and rebuilds underway. We also have numerous conversations taking place about further Drupal 9 projects too. For any clients who we’ve not yet spoken to in detail about Drupal 9, we’ll be looking to catch up with you in the coming weeks and months. For anyone currently on older versions of Drupal, you can read our quick guide to what’s involved in moving to D9. Whether you’re an existing client or not, we’re always to offer best-advice on what to do with your older Drupal site, so please get in touch if we can help.

New hosting service launching soon

Another key focus for us in 2021 is going to be our hosting provision and we’re very excited to be launching a brand new hosting solution for both existing and new clients in the coming weeks. Our new Managed Hosting Service brings together a suite of best-in-class hosting and WebOps services to deliver a fantastic solution specifically optimised for Drupal sites.

The new service provides fast, secure, scalable and reliable enterprise-level hosting for businesses and organisations, but without the high-end costs normally associated with such rigorously stable hosting environments. Also included is a whole suite of WebOps features to aid website performance, development and testing workflows, email sending and more.

We’re just putting the finishing touches to the services and packages and we’ll be launching during Q1 of this year so watch out for more details coming soon.

Continued support and development

In addition to our busy projects schedule and the launch of our new hosting service, we continue to work closely with each of our existing clients on the continuous support and development of their websites.

We remain one of the few Drupal agencies in the UK who give equal priority and resources to delivering ongoing support for existing websites, in addition to the larger new projects we also work on.

As a result, we’ve gained numerous clients over the years who were in need of enhanced levels of support for the websites and wanted to feel like they were a priority, rather than their requests just being “fitted in” by their previous supplier as and when time allowed around their new build projects.

We continue to offer flexible support packages at extremely competitive prices and are heading into 2021 with exciting discussions already underway with several potential new Drupal support clients. Find out more about how we could support your business or organisation or contact us to discuss your requirements.

So here’s to 2021…

While 2020 was the year that ‘survival mode’ very much kicked in for many organisations, we’ve made it through and continued to build on our levels of service in spite of the numerous challenges and curveballs that were thrown our way during the course of the year.

We’re very excited for what 2021 has in-store and are looking forward to getting our teeth into delivering more great projects for our clients throughout the year. So here’s to 2021 – may it be a successful, safe and brighter year for all!