Enterprise-level Drupal Hosting with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Hosting is regarded, by many, as a commodity purchase with very low cost, low reliability solutions being the norm. Given that many websites are now mission critical, our approach to Drupal hosting reflects the importance of websites and web-based applications to business.

For four years, we have been developing and enhancing a Drupal-optimised hosting environment utilising Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide solid and reliable enterprise-level hosting for businesses and organisations, but without the high-end enterprise level costs normally associated with such rigorously stable hosting environments.

Amongst the key benefits of hosting with AWS is its "elastic computing” model, meaning your infrastructure can scale up and down automatically to suit demand. The resources auto-scale upwards to cope with demand during peak times, or if your website receives a sudden spike in traffic for some reason. On the flip side, it also means that, when your site is quiet (such as overnight), resources are scaled back so you're only ever paying for infrastructure that's being utilised.

Our AWS Drupal hosting services come with various levels of hosting support to suit your needs along with the additional expertise of our Drupal support team when needed.

The key benefits of hosting within Amazon Web Services via Adaptive:

Flexible and cost-effective - the AWS "elastic computing" model provides enterprise-level hosting facilities at a fraction of the enterprise costs

Reliability - configured correctly, AWS enables you to have almost zero unexpected downtime on your website

Global presence – place copies of your website in AWS data centres and “edge” locations around the world

Eco-friendly - some of the AWS regions use 100% carbon-free power

Low setup costs – because you're not acquiring expensive hardware, the setup costs are much lower than would normally be the case

Stability - Service-orientated architecture means that there are fewer issues associated with versions of software

Independence - typically sites are hosted in your own AWS account, configured and supported by Adaptive, so you're not tied in

AWS Hosting Support from Adaptive

As part of our AWS Hosting Packages, we offer UK office hours support – Monday to Friday, 8.30am through to 5:00pm - with emergency cover out of hours on a best-endeavour basis. AWS can also be configured with auto-failover and in multiple availability zones, reducing the chances of a major failure to an absolute minimum.

We offer three levels of AWS Support as detailed below. The Standard package includes support as per our SLA to ensure that the server remains stable and available and also includes monitoring, backups and basic maintenance. Our Premium package includes all of the above from the Standard package above plus any on-going AWS configuration such as creation (and subsequent support) of CDN, new instances (EC2, RDS) and AWS-related performance enhancements. The Premium Plus package covers all of this plus regular proactive reviews of the environment to utilise any new or improved services from AWS as they are released.



per month plus AWS costs
  • Email support for server issues
  • Daily & weekly backups
  • Server monitoring
  • Basic maintenance
  • Bi-annual review of available AWS enhancements to improve performance/reduce costs

Premium Plus


per month plus AWS costs
  • Email/phone support for server issues
  • Daily & weekly backups
  • Server monitoring
  • Advanced maintenance
  • Monthly review of available AWS enhancements to improve performance/reduce costs
  • Monthly up-time and performance reports
  • Management of environment to facilitate new customer requirements
  • Set up (and subsequent support) of other services (e.g. CDN)
  • Dynamic, proactive environment management
  • Consultancy on best ongoing use of AWS for client's needs

(1) Costs payable directly to Amazon. Will vary depending on usage. Contact us to discuss requirements and for an initial estimate.

(2) Up to a maximum of 6 hours per month across all Premium services

3) Includes application of all OS-level patches and recycling of instances to maintain efficiency and keep AWS costs to a minimum

(4) Includes regular review and introduction, where applicable, of new or improved AWS services such as using newly available EC2 instance types and/or RDS types (E.G. Aurora

Rates shown are excluding VAT

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