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The Adaptive team comprises of Drupal experts including developers, infrastructure specialists and experienced project and account managers. The team is extremely stable with many of the team having worked together for more than 15 years.

Between us, our team of specialists have many years of experience in developing and delivering innovative projects. We work hard to bring this significant experience to bear on every project we deliver.

Within the overall Adaptive team, our dedicated Drupal support team are focused on delivering responsive support, ensuring quick responses to your requests. Our development team are tasked with delivering large/longer-term development projects.

We also have experienced experts who can advise on the overall digital strategy for your website as well as specialisms around specific areas such as UX, design, accessibility, SEO and GDPR.

Adaptive Senior Team

Dan Frost, Managing Director of Adaptive​​​​​​​
Dan Frost
Managing Director
With more than 25 years' experience of IT and web technologies, including 10 years within the Daily Mail Group, Dan combines cutting-edge technical knowledge with commercial awareness and business development expertise. Ideally placed to advise on all aspects of technology in business - he knows what makes websites successful in terms of audience engagement and conversions to sales having steered many projects and teams to national and international success.
Steve Allen, Head of Client Services at Adaptive
Steve Allen
Head of Client Services
Steve oversees our operations and business development and is a key contact for many of our customers. Steve knows Drupal inside out - from the perspective of both a developer AND a customer. He combines sound technical skills with a thorough and passionate approach to customer service. He also previously worked for the Daily Mail group and has worked alongside a number of members of the Adaptive team for many years.
Pete Graylish, Chief technology Officer (CTO) at Adaptive
Pete Graylish
Chief Technology Officer
A PRINCE2-qualified technical project manager, Pete has more than 25 years’ experience in delivering website design and web application development projects with a strong commercial focus. Pete delivers new/major projects for Adaptive. Through extremely strong organisation and communication skills, along with his vast technical knowledge, Pete ensures we architect and deliver projects in the most effective and efficient ways possible.
Debbie Heard, Project and Accounts Manager at Adaptive​​​​​​​
Debbie Heard
Account & Projects Manager
Debbie is our major projects manager, overseeing our larger development projects to ensure all customer needs and objectives are delivered. PRINCE2 qualified, Debbie has been delivering large-scale web projects for more than 15 years. Debbie is another former member of the team from the Daily Mail group so has the familiarity and knowledge to get the most out of the team, maximising quality and efficiency in all our big new-build projects.
Kiel Bull, Account Manager at Adaptive
Kiel Bull
Account & Projects Manager
With more than 18 years of agency experience, Kiel has worked on a wide range of design and web projects. His combined technical knowledge, design eye and management skills enable him to develop fantastic client relationships and deliver quality projects. Kiel is the Account Manager for many of our clients and also oversees the delivery of sizeable projects through our Drupal Support team.
Matt Burke, Senior Developer at Adaptive
Matt Burke
Senior Developer
Part of Adaptive's founding team, Matt has been a designer and developer since 1998 and has been working with Drupal since 2006. He is a specialist in pushing the boundaries of Drupal's use through the creation of innovative custom modules. Like all the Adaptive team, Matt is focused on usability and commercial considerations and tailors his advice and solutions to the specific needs and objectives of the customer.

Our Drupal development, support and hosting specialists

The Adaptive Drupal team
The Adaptive Drupal team
The Adaptive Drupal team
The Adaptive Drupal team
The Adaptive Drupal team
The Adaptive Drupal team
The Adaptive Drupal team
The Adaptive Drupal team
The Adaptive Drupal team
The Adaptive Drupal team
The Adaptive Drupal team

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