Keeping your website in check


If you have a Drupal website that is giving you sleepless nights with regards to potential security or performance issues, Adaptive's extensive knowledge and experience can help to identify any potential concerns and provide solutions to resolve these.

Even if you believe that there are no security concerns with your Drupal website, the ever-growing number and types of cyber security attacks mean that your site could be vulnerable without you realising.

Our cost-effective audit focuses primarily on Cyber Security and analyses your website in detail to provide recommendations to shore up your defences against potential exploits.

We'll also explore your site from the wider perspectives of performance, best-build practices, top-line SEO and legal compliances. 


Drupal Security Audits


The Drupal platform as a whole has a fantastic security record and is trusted by some of the largest organisations in the world, including The White House and GCHQ.

However, Drupal's security is only as good as the implementation and maintenance of each individual installation.

To ensure your website doesn't fall victim to security breaches, Adaptive will carry out a security health check of your Drupal installation and provide you with a full technical audit document outlining the current status of your site and any recommendations for technical or security improvements.

As with our performance reviews, our findings can either be presented as a recommendations document for your current developer/agency or we can action any required changes for you directly.

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Our Drupal Security includes inspection and analysis of...


Drupal core and module versions, highlighting any essential security updates required

Drupal codebase integrity to check if any core or contributed modules have been amended (potentially causing problems when updating these)

File/directory permissions throughout the Drupal installation to ensure all are set to secure levels

High-level Penetration Testing across the whole site to check for any exposure to common exploit/attack vectors

Protection against site exploitation from cross-site scripting or injection

User settings, roles and permissions along with password policies and an audit of any user accounts of concern within the site

Any anti-spam measures in place on any exposed forms to ensure these sufficiently protect the site

Domain Name/DNS Health Check

Multiple additional Drupal Security checks

Further checks for your Drupal site


As part of the Drupal site audit, in addition to the numerous security checks, we also look at various other aspects of your Drupal website including performance, legal compliance and key aspects impacting on SEO.

This additional analysis includes...


Checks for optimal Drupal best-build practices in use throughout the website

Overall top-line SEO site review including website crawl for broken links, oversized images and other issues

Performance testing against Core Web Vitals metrics

Site error logs review

Review of GDPR, Cookies and other legal requirement compliance

Top-level site accessibility review

Checks for suitable caching and CDN usage on the site

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