Adaptive - The Road Ahead in 2024
Dan Frost

Once again, another year has passed in the blink of an eye, and January seems to have vanished just as quickly too! 

2023 was a busy and rewarding year at Adaptive. We're proud of the innovative Drupal solutions we've developed – ranging from cutting-edge custom features to comprehensive new site builds. 

Creating Drupal sites with impact

Amongst last year’s highlights was the launch of a fantastic new website and online Membership portal for our client, IIC, while 2024 began with a bang with the much-anticipated launch of the revamped and streamlined Access Agriculture website. 

Homepages of the new IIC and Access Agriculture Drupal websites
The homepages of the new IIC and Access Agriculture websites

Our collaboration with clients like Anglian Water Parks and Mencap has been ongoing, focusing on continuous enhancement of their websites. By adding fresh features and functionality, we ensure their digital platforms consistently meet their strategic goals. Look out for detailed case studies on these and other projects soon. 

Continued focus on superb support

Our Support and Services Team has maintained their exceptional standards, offering prompt and effective solutions to our Drupal support clients.

As part of our ongoing commitment to excellent customer service and communications, we'll be rolling out Adaptive CONNECT, our new customer portal, to each of our clients over the coming months. The portal brings together everything you need from your Adaptive account in one place, from raising and managing requests to keeping track of your used support hours, contracts, proposals/quotes and more.

We've already trialled it with a selection of clients and feedback has been positive regarding how useful it is to have everything in one place. Your Adaptive account manager will be in touch in the near future to introduce you to your new portal.

Adaptive's CONNECT customer portal
Our new CONNECT customer portal coming in 2024

A major milestone has been assisting many clients with upgrading to Drupal 10. This latest version not only enhances security and performance but also introduces advanced content administration features. It positions our clients well for the future transitions to Drupal 11 and 12, anticipating Drupal 10's end-of-life in early 2026. 

We've been thrilled to welcome new clients, including the Institute of Physics, Business West, and the Careers & Enterprise Company. We look forward to collaborating with them further throughout 2024. 

Looking to the year ahead

So to 2024 and the year ahead promises to be equally busy and productive. Our plans include transitioning more clients to Drupal 10 and unveiling more exciting new site builds, such as an upcoming Drupal 10 site for our longest-standing client, Vent-Axia. A new revamped website also goes live soon for the Joint Office of Gas Transporters.

We have some exciting new site build projects in the pipeline too. Building on our successful partnership with Nottingham University Hospitals organisation, DREEAM, we're excited to commence a new project for another major department of the NHS Trust, NUH Pathology. More on this new project coming soon. 

Additionally, we'll also be crafting a new website for - ourselves! The revamp, coupled with brand enhancements, will further showcase some of the great things we can do with Drupal. 

We're also working with several clients to leverage the increasing number of AI tools within Drupal. These include solutions for content creation, image management, and enhanced search functionalities amongst others. Look out for our dedicated blog post on this topic soon too.

Securing your Drupal site

Elsewhere, Cybersecurity remains a key focus in 2024. In addition to our existing extensive range of security solutions for Drupal, we're gearing up to launch new services to further protect our clients against the escalating threat of cybercrime. 

Among these initiatives is a new product designed to bolster the security of content management systems. The full details remain under wraps just for now but we're eager to unveil it in the coming months. 

Here's to 2024...

As we look forward to a busy and exciting year, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with Drupal and digital innovation and to ensure that each of our clients continues to benefit from Adaptive’s knowledge and commitment to superb customer service. Here's to another fantastic year of growth, innovation, and partnership!