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About Joint Office of Gas Transporters

The Joint Office of Gas Transporters are responsible for efficiently administering governance of the processes for modifying the commercial regime which underpins the British gas industry.

They are the Code Administrator for the Uniform Network Code (UNC), which sets out the common transportation arrangements for Great Britain’s gas industry. A significant part of their work involves providing ready access to information relevant the UNC and its governance, and so their website is primarily aimed at industry professionals.

Our work with Joint Office of Gas Transporters

Adaptive have worked with the Joint Office (JO) team since the start of 2016 when we were commissioned to review their existing Drupal 6 website and to take over the ongoing support and maintenance of the site.

Soon after working with the JO, Adaptive were also entrusted to take over the website hosting and DNS management of the organisation too. A project to redevelop the website using Drupal 8 was initiated at the start of 2017.

Following proposals from Adaptive, a consultation was held with key stakeholders and users of the website, including several of the UK's major gas companies. Development of the new project was carried out during Spring 2017 and the new Drupal 8 website launched in June 2017 at www.gasgovernance.co.uk.

The redevelopment project included detailed migration of the large repository of content and documents from the previous site. A complete redesign was also implemented, taking inspiration from the gov.uk website to provide a clean, simple, non-nonsense design and UX across the new site.

Read more about the project here.

Joint Office of Gas Transporters website

Gas Governance

We have been working with Adaptive for a number of years and fully appreciate how they have been able to support our ongoing requirements while making useful and valid suggestions for improvements to our website and other services.

Although we have limited technical knowledge concerning the development of websites, Adaptive employees listen to what we want and provide clear and easy to understand options and recommendations.

We are pleased with how promptly questions and issues are responded to and how they keep you updated.

Bob Fletcher
Workgroup Chair, Joint Office of Gas Transporters